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What services does Careggi offer?
AOU Careggi offers services provided by the Regional Health Service, according to LEA (Essential Levels of Care of the Regional Health Service) and outside LEA, with a high level of specialization not widely present in the territory: visits or consultations, laboratory exams and instrumental diagnostics,  surgical services and outpatient instrumental surgery. The services are divided in :
  • first-level services: are visits or exams useful for an initial diagnostic orientation; are required by the General Practitioner or by the specialist
  • second-level services: are visits or exams for additional investigations or of high complexity that require a high level of specialization; are required by the specialist physicians
Means of Access
  • On booking: with the request of the General Practitioner or of the specialist on a regional prescription form or by means of an e-prescription (services under LEA) or on a white prescription sheet (only for the services outside LEA)
  • Direct access: without the regional prescription, limited to these service queste prestazioni
  • In emergency:  with the request of the General Practitioner that contacts directly the service for arrangements
  • In pregnancy: with the request on the appropriate prescription form of the Protocol for the physiological pregnancy, released by the ASL clinics
What should you do?

Other visits and exams

Generally the first-level services can be booked by telephone at CUP Metropolitan Booking Point:
Phone 055 54 54 54 
from Monday to Friday 7:45 a.m.- 6:00 p.m. Saturday 7:45 a.m - 12:30 a.m.
See the list of visits and exams bookable at CUP Metropolitan Booking Point Visite ed esami prenotabili a CUP Metropolitano 

Generally the second-level services are booked directly from the facilities providing the services; See the outpatients facilities (Ambulatori) or for information contact the Public Relations Office

The main Booking Points at Careggi:

Building 1 Centro Servizi - Nuovo Ingresso Careggi

  • First visit booking CUP Metropolitan Booking Point
  • Counter: from Monday to Friday 7:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m., saturday 7:30 a.m.- 1:30 p.m.

How to reschedule or cancel an appointment

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How much does it cost?

The citizen assisted by the National Health System is required to pay pagare the fee for outpatient services (ticket) and the contribution for the digital representation of the medical diagnostic imaging (except persons exempted from payment under current law)  as well as a prescription fee according to income brackets as defined at a regional level.

For services outside LEA, the citizens are required to pay the entire amount. The same applies to persons not assisted by the National Health Systems (SSN).

The patient who does not collect the medical report of an outpatient service (eg. laboratory tests, radiologic examinations, etc.) within 30 days after the recording is ready, is still obligated to pay the entire amount of the service, even if exempted.
Medical prescription
The prescription for outpatient healthcare services does not have any expiration date.
The prescription may contain only requests for healthcare services of the same specialist branch.
For each different branch an adequate prescription is requested.
The prescription may contain up to a maximum of eight healthcare services, with the possible exception of scheduled repeated services which may be prescribed up to a maximum of three cycles per prescription.
The prescription may contain only once the same healthcare service which may be repeated, if expressly requested by the physician on the same prescription, up to a maximum of eight times or up to a maximum of three months after the first access (repeatable prescriptions).
An eventual exemption from the payment of the ticket for the healthcare services must be reported on the prescription by the physician. We invite the citizen to point out to the prescriber any eventual exemption for relevant pathologies, exhibiting the related certificate.

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