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Your relative is in a critical condition and he is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit where the highest level of care is provided.

The physician in charge, will give you clinical information at 13:00 at 14:00  and, in any case,  within 2 hours from the ICU admission. Delays can occur, depending on clinical needs.

Entering into the ICU you’ll be asked to wear gown and to wash your hands. During the visit you are kindly requested not to seat on beds, speak loudly and cause any annoyance to the other patients.

Clinical information, normally, cannot be delivered on phone and incoming phone calls are not allowed excluded special situations. Whenever necessary you will be contacted by the medical staff.

Clinical data and information can be referred to the General Practitioner or other Physician from your country (by phone or any other mean) only after explicit request of the patient or of the present relatives.

In order to achieve a high standard of care we rely also on your cooperation; please comply with this visit timetable and all given indications.

Certifications can be released upon request.

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