For any disservice that has denied or limited the usability of the healthcare services and for any violation of laws and regulations that discipline the provision of health services, the Hospital is committed to ensure the protection of the citizens, as established in the Internal Regulations by receiving complaints and reports.


Who can file a complaint: the interested individual, his relatives or the Voluntary Associations and the Legal Protection Organizations (in this case with the written authorization of the individual concerned).
To whom the complaint should be addressed: to the General Manager of Careggi University Hospital.
What a complaint must contain:
The complaint can be delivered:

Reply: the Hospital will respond on the basis of an internal investigation, within 90 days after receipt of the complaint by the Protocol Office.

More detailed information can eventually be obtained from the Citizen Protection Office tel. 055 794 6972.

The citizen that is not satisfied with the reply given by the Hospital, in the second instance can contact the Bodies of Protection as required by law. In particular:

for technical professional complaints, related to clinical or diagnostic healthcare services, the citizen can contact:

The Joint Commission for Conciliation has office in the Hospital in largo Brambilla, 3 - 50134 Firenze.


In order to improve our services, the citizen can submit reports of disservice or organizational suggestions by using the form that has to be inserted in the appropriate boxes in the pavilions, or by phoning or going in person to the Public Relations Office 


Those who want to express gratitude or appreciation for the service received can write letters of commendation and thanks to the Public Relations Office, which will then forward them directly to the Healthcare Professionals or to the Facilities to whom/which they are addressed.