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Parking map Map of the hospital parking lots


Parcheggi dipendentiReserved for employees
  • Viale Pieraccini 22/22a (150 reserved spaces)
  • Via della Quiete (120 reserved spaces)


Parcheggi disabiliReserved parking for disabled
  • spaces marked with yellow in close proximity of the pavilions
  • spaces marked with yellow in P2 Parking lot -Users, in viale San Luca near the Cogeneration Plant/Centrale di Cogenerazione (access from Via delle Oblate, 1)
Parcheggi sostatemporanea(1)Reserved for users - temporary parking
  • P2 Parking Lot - Users: viale San Luca close to pavilion 55 Thermal Plant/Centrale termica
  • Viale San Luca: from pavilion 70  to pavilion 55 Thermal Plant/Centrale termica

Free parking accessed from Via delle Oblate, 1. Display on the dashboard entry permit issued at the entrance; maximum parking duration: 120 minutes, after that time the vehicle will be subject to forced removal at owner's expense.

Parcheggi dipendentiReserved  for employees

  • Via Caccini (New Careggi Entrance)
  • Via delle Oblate (Ponte Nuovo)
  • Viale San Luca
  • Via delle Gore (Neurological Clinic)
  • Viale Pieraccini (Monna Tessa)
  • Via Alderotti (Trauma Center)


  • In the spaces near the pavilions it is allowed only one stopover upon exposure of the entrance ticket
  • parking is permitted only in marked spaces and in the indicated manner
  • the hospital area is a no-parking zone

Removal of vehicles


Bicycle parking is only allowed in designated bike racks, located near the following buildings:

  • 2 Head Offices – New Careggi Entrance
  • 4 Eye Clinic
  • 5 Biomedical Library – under the open gallery
  • 7 Gynecology and Maternity Clinic-
  • 8b Surgical Wards – outside the porch, on the side of Rio Freddo
  • 9 Private Medical Practice – Senology Unit
  • 11 Radiotherapy Unit
  • 12 DEAS-General Emergency Room – close to the reception
  • 12 DEAS-General Emergency Room – on the side of  “Varco P4 ”
  • 13 Medical Clinics - pedestrian areas
  • 13 Medical Clinics – on the back
  • 15 Healthcare Services Unit (Piastra) –entrance on the side of  Infectious Diseases Ambulatory Clinic
  • 16 San Luca, entrance sector A
  • 16 San Luca, entrance sector C
  • 25 Trauma Center (CTO) – Main entrance
  • 26 Villa Monna Tessa - Main entrance
  • 27b CUBO 3 – Building entrance
  • 65 Logistics
  • 70 – Technical Area – Entrance square

BIKE SHARING by App RideMovi

The bicycle parking is exclusively in the special stalls located near the following pavilions:

  • 1 Service Center - Brambilla wide side
    12 DEAS - First Aid - next to "Varco P4"
    13 Medical Clinic - pedestrian area
    25 CTO - Neuromotor main entrance
    69 Technical Administrative Services

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